The Pop-Up

I was Girl Scout. I grew up camping with my family and my troop. However, camping in Florida leaves much to be desired. The humidity and the bugs will keep any sane person away. During a family camping trip, I remember my mom making mashed potatoes. There were little black specks throughout the potatoes that she explained away as pepper. In fact, these were little tiny black bugs that were in every inch of available space including our food. I digress…

Camping in Colorado is much better. No humidity. No bugs. The nights can get a little cold, but that is manageable with heaters and good sleeping bags. Before Kids (B.K.), we camped throughout the summer, trying out new spots. After Kids (A.K.), things got more complicated. My husband was itching to go camping with the family. At this point, we had a three year old and a five month old. I worried about the baby being too cold and not being able to put a blanket in his pack ‘n play for fear of SIDS. This is when I proclaimed I wouldn’t go camping unless we had a camper. About two weeks later…

pop-up camper

We bought a 1995 Coleman pop-up camper. My husband searched the internet and found this gem on Craigslist. Campers in Colorado are hot commodities. People buy them within hours of being listed. He would be able to list the exact specifications and tell you what makes it great. I think it’s great, because it is warm, we are off the ground, and I feel comfortable going camping with our young kids. The camper gets us out A.K.

Our first year with the camper, we made it out four times. This felt like a huge accomplishment. The baby actually slept through the night for the first time on first camping trip. That is reason enough for me to keep having these experiences with our kids. He’s off of bottles this year so things will only get easier.

Here she is in action:

pop-up camper

I think she needs a name. What would you suggest?


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