Teller Farms-Lafayette, CO

Teller Farms

I took the day off work to take my son to the dentist and to get my hair done. Of course, I could go on Saturday, but my hair takes upwards of two hours, and there is the drive time tacked onto that. It’s nice to really dedicate the weekend to spending time with my family, since I only see them for a couple hours a day during the week. I’m also working on the mom guilt thing. Anyways, I have about three weeks of vacation built up, so one vacation day to get a few things done didn’t seem like that big of a deal.

With a few hours in between the dentist appointment and the hair appointment, I took the kids to daycare. I had a few hours by myself. Let that soak in a minute. Alone in my own house. I drank warm coffee, and I went to the bathroom alone. I even whipped up a blog post. As if this does not sound dreamy enough, it was a perfectly sunny, 65-degree, Colorado spring day.

I decided to get outside by heading to Teller Farms.

Teller Farms

Picture: Boulder, CO Open Space and Mountain Parks

There are two trailheads where you can park-

The South Teller Lake Trailhead is on the north side of Arapahoe Road between 75th and 95th streets.

The Teller Farms North Trailhead is on the south side of Valmont between 75th and 95th streets.

This trail is available for mountain biking, walking, running and horseback riding. Leased dogs are welcome. Often times, you will see cattle roaming in the distance or even up close. The trail is mostly flat and well kept. The easy terrain makes it a family friendly trail. I usually come here with my two boys. My oldest will ride his bike, while we walk with our youngest in a stroller.

Teller Farms

For this magical run by myself, I parked at the South Lake Trailhead and ran along the East Boulder Trail. Trailhead to trailhead, the distance is about 2.5 miles one-way. If you are looking for more of a challenge, the East Boulder Trail does extend past the North Trailhead for another 4.2 miles. I did not track my pace or my distance. It was slow and not too far. I just took in the beautiful scenery and enjoyed my time outside. On days like this, I feel so fortunate to live in Colorado and have a place like this in our backyard.

Ideally, this trail is best on cooler days, since there is no shade. You might be disappointed if you are expecting more difficult terrain. I highly recommend this trail for families or those looking for a quick, easy outdoor experience.

How do you fit routine things like the dentist and hair appointments into your schedule?

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