Milton Reservoir-LaSalle, CO

Milton Reservoir in LaSalle, CO

Usually when I am at the grocery store, I prefer not to speak to anyone. I’d rather not run into anyone I know, and if I do I just wave nicely, say hello, and go about my shopping. My husband on the hand, talks to everyone: the check out guy, the bagger, people waiting in line. One day, he came home and let me know he ran into an old friend we have not seen in years. They chatted and caught up. Turns out, he bought a boat, and he takes it out on a private lake. He wants us to take us out sometime, and invited us to camp at the lake too. Great! Maybe I should be more friendly in public.

Milton Reservoir

Our friend grew up boating on the East Coast. He was looking for a private lake and found the Milton Reservoir. He pays a fee for access on the water and for a campsite around the reservoir. With his membership, he is allowed to have a designated number of guests. There is usually a wait-list for membership, but spots do open up occasionally. I’m so glad we made the guest list.

The Campsite

Milton Reservoir is located in LaSalle. There is a gate surrounding the property, and guests and members have to enter a code to get in. Being located in Weld County, we were surrounded by cattle property. Around these parts, they say it’s the smell of money, but really it just smells like something else.

For our friend, this was his last trip to Milton Reservoir for the year. He invited a bunch of friends to take on the boat and camp with before the end of the season. We were the only ones in the group with kids. There was even a man and woman on a Tinder date in the group. Besides the reservoir, this was our entertainment. I actually heard him ask her, “What is your most proud moment.” It was like having a front row seat on the Bachelor.


Being from Florida, I miss being on the water. I grew up on boats as well, and this was truly a highlight of the summer. I got to see if I remembered how to wake-board. Just like riding a bike.

My happy place on the water.

Our kids seemed to really enjoy the boat ride as well. Wyatt even took a nap.

Boat baby

Back at the campsite, Anders loved finding these little frogs.

Nature boy

Then there was this sunset.

Milton Reservoir sunset

That weekend was the height of the Perseid Meteor shower. I couldn’t really see it, due to the light pollution or perhaps it was our location. I still enjoyed sitting on our camp chairs by our camper.

Poppy, the camper

This was our last trip of last summer. It was the perfect weekend to end the year. I hope we are invited back next year.

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