Goat Yoga: Yes, it’s a Thing!

Goat yoga
Photo by: Goat Yoga Asheville. Please note we are wearing our celebratory matching outfits for Jamie’s Bachelorette Party.

What better way to celebrate one of your besties getting married than a little goat yoga on a bachelorette weekend? On all of our girls trips we seek out a unique experience. There was a karma burning ceremony in Santa Fe and a ghost tour in St. Louis. Why not goat yoga in Asheville?

Franny’s Farm

Franny's Farm Asheville, NC
Franny’s Farm Asheville, NC

Franny, owner of Franny’s Farm and goat yoga host, greeted us as we pulled up. She took us in like we were her sorority sisters, showed us around, and told us all about her farm. She’s also a badass business woman.

“Did you notice my hemp leaves on the way in?”

We didn’t. That is until she pointed them out. Franny is starting Franny’s Farmacy for CBD oil and industrial hemp. Additionally, she hosts weddings, summer camps for kids, and has lodging available on site.

“The Asheville Hustle,” she affectionately referred to all of her business ventures.

Franny is only one of a few female farmers and now a leader in hemp farming. As a bonus, she’s nice as can be. If you find yourself in Asheville, you’ve got to check this place out.

Goat Yoga of Asheville

zen in Asheville
Photo by: Goat Yoga Asheville. The ladies getting zen in Asheville.

Yogis know that at the beginning of yoga classes, you set your intention for your practice. At goat yoga, we set our intention for joy, because how can you do goat yoga and not be joyful? This really stuck with me, because although it seems so silly and ridiculous, it was joyful.

It was also so silly and ridiculous.

Our “Ommmm” was “Bahhhhh”.

You get the picture.

Franny’s flock of goats were mostly baby pygmy goats-some as young as six months old. There were a few adults in the mix and even a pregnant mama-goat. They were all relativity small and cute since they are pygmies.  This is good news, because goats like to climb on things, like your back, when you are trying to do yoga poses.

goat yoga
Photo by: Goat Yoga Asheville

The Incident

pygmy goat
Jolene is a six month old pygmy goat. She looks innocent enough.

Let’s talk about goat poop.

And pee.

The goats just go around pooping everywhere, but thankfully, we were in a barn. Franny, said it’s just like an M&M. The poop was a small little pebble that Franny diligently swept up, keeping the barn as clean as she could.

After goat yoga, we took pictures of this little cutey, Jolene, walking on our backs. This seemed like a natural thing to do at goat yoga.

Suddenly, Jolene stopped in her tracks right on my back. We weren’t sure what was happening, and then I felt it.

Warm rushing goat pee.

All over my back. A little in my hair, and down my arms.

It was a surprising amount of pee for such a little goat. You would think I would have jumped right up, but I was in this strange position with a baby goat on my back so I just waited there until she was done.

Worst fear of goat yoga realized.

goat incident
Blissfully unaware of what is about to happen.


Despite being peed on, I still loved goat yoga. Sure, I could have done without that incident, but it certainly made it memorable.

When we were setting the intention for joy, our yoga instructor challenged us to carry the joy with us though the day and into our lives. When I think back to this experience, I think of laughing so hard with my girlfriends that my stomach muscles hurt for days. I also think of Franny’s Farm, her hustle, and her kindness.

I truly hope all of you get to experience that.

Fingers crossed you don’t get peed on.

Celebrating love in a clean shirt

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  1. Technically, would goat yoga naturally be called, Goga? And bravo to all you for doing this! Goat pee! Oy! The pix are extraordinary and I would definitely give it a go(ga)! #dreamteam xo

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