Eldorables Ski Lesson

ski lesson
Eldorables ski lesson meeting spot

Eldorables at Eldora Mountain is a multi-week kids’ ski lesson for four and five year olds. One of our family goals is to all be able to go skiing together, and this program was a step on the way there. My husband and I are snowboarders and have never been skiing so we don’t know the first thing to tell our kids about skiing. Our son has done one-day ski lessons since he was two years old (Crested Butte will take out two year olds for one-hour with their daycare program). He always did well and had a great time, but the distance between ski lessons never allowed him to gain skills from one time to the next.


We signed him up for the five week program during the week for $499. This was every Thursday for two hours. The cost does not include rental equipment. You can rent equipment at Eldora for $109 for the season. They also have five-week ski lessons and twelve-week ski lessons, which were much more expensive. However, the weekend programs ran all day versus two hours at a time for the weekday program. We were able to pull off the weekday ski lessons, because Eldora is a short drive and my husband works remote. Most parents were also working at the lodge in a similar situation. I was able to go three out five times, because I was in-between jobs, and my new office closed for the bomb cyclone. Yay snow days!

The two hour program was enough time as it really wore out our kiddo. You pick what level you think your kid is, then the instructors move kids around once they assess everyone’s level. Our son ended up in level one, on the small magic carpet hill. On this hill, we were able to watch him from the lodge.

ski lesson
The kids getting started


Overall we were very happy with the ski lessons and the results. But since I am doing a review, I feel the need assess what was perhaps not so great, as well as, what was great.

Not so great

I’ll start with the not so great. Originally, we were told that our class would have four kids per instructor. After the first day, kids either dropped a level, stayed where they were, or moved up. This changed the ratio for our class, and there weren’t enough instructors to keep up with what was promised. Some days we had eight kids for one instructor. Although the instructor did a great job managing everyone, kids did not get as much attention and there was a lot of waiting for their turn. Some days there were less kids and more instructors so it wasn’t every day that the ratio was so high.

At some point during this season, a young girl fell off a ski lift. Miraculously, she was ok, and Eldora management took extra precautions for safety after this incident. After this happened, the kids all wore vests to identify they were in the Eldorables program. While this is a positive step, I feel like they should have always taken this extra step.   


Overall, the great part is that my son can ski! Additionally, the instructors did a great job patitently managing all the kids. Here’s a list of everything he learned:

  • Get in and out of skis
  • Get up from a fall
  • Carry skis on own
  • Stop without doing pizza
  • Turn and connect turns

In his program, they never left the small hill, but on the last day we took him to the bigger magic carpet hill. He had no fear, rode up the carpet by himself, and skied down. He could have done this all day. The next weekend we took him to Winter Park. He rode lifts and greens for the first time with no issue. Of course, I was a nervous wreck thinking it was too advanced for him, but he proved me wrong.

Finally, the close proximity to town and the cost of the program made it more attractive to us than other mountain programs. Eldora also a Trek Program for 6-14 year olds.

Last tip

Tip your ski instructor! In the past, we honestly did not know this was thing. Sorry past ski instructors! After a google search, the average tip for a kid’s group lesson is $10-$20 per lesson.

Happy spring skiing.