Hermit Park: Family Camping Spot and Kruger Rock Trail in Estes Park, CO

Hermit Park is a great family camping spot, close to town, and close to Rocky Mountain National Park without being in the park. Meaning, you can take your dog since dogs aren’t allowed in RMNP.

family camping spot
Little camping helper. Don’t worry he didn’t actually put it in the fire.

Hermit Park was the first place we took our camper, our youngest son’s first camping trip (at least outside my belly), and our first Mother’s Day as a family Hermit Park and Kruger Rock Trail in Estes Park, CO of four. Lots of special memories here.

Hermit Park Camping

It’s a pretty large camping area and even spots available to horse trailers. Here, you can hike, bike, horseback ride, and even rent out a large pavilion if you had a crowd. We stayed in the Kruger Campground and it was walking distance to the Kruger Rock Trail. The spots provide a good amount of privacy with lots of trees for shade.

You can expect:

  • fire rings
  • vaulted toilets
  • water
  • picnic tables
  • cabins, non-electric RV and tent sites

Kruger Rock Trail

We ventured to the Kruger Rock Trail with one kid in the Baby Bjorn and one throwing a gigantic tantrum. On the second attempt, we had a nice family hike. The trail is easy enough for young kids, and has plenty of little creatures to look at on the way. Out and back is four miles, and I’d say we made it about a mile.

On this trip we learned a few things to prepare us for more family trips:

  1. Always go with another family with kids to keep the kids entertained.
  2. One person has to set up, while the other has to stop the children from eating rocks.
  3. Things don’t always go as planned, hence the two hiking attempts.
  4. A buddy heater makes for a much more enjoyable camping experience.
  5. Do not ever forget the coffee maker. We made due by creating our own (I wrote about it here). But a french press is better.

All in all, this was a great family camping spot and we hope to return again…with a french press.

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