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I spy with my little eye, something….

Road Trip I Spy
Download the Road Trip I Spy PDF below.

Ah, the road trip with small children. This is an adventure all in itself. From experience, I have to come equipped with games and snacks. Gummy worms tend to be our favorite road trip snack. And my kids’ favorite road trip game is I Spy. But the one where they spy a color and you have to guess what it is. Like, “I spy with my little eye, something…red.” Then the answer is something like, “a stop sign.”

I don’t know about you, but I can play along with this game for about 15 minutes on a road trip. Then, I’m ready to just listen to music or sit in a rare (if not nonexistent) quiet. Or if I’m not driving, maybe even take a nap!

A New Road Trip I Spy

This Road Trip I Spy helps your kids look for things and be thoroughly entertained on their own. They feel so accomplished once they have found the cow, or dog, or whatever it is they are looking for. Some of the items are difficult enough that it may take the whole trip to find-like the Alaska and Hawaii license plates.  

We have a few road trips coming up to far away campsites, where I know this will come in handy. The Road Trip I Spy game is also a nice break from screen time. Sure they could watch a movie on the way to camping, but that seems a little counter-intuitive since we are going camping to get away from our daily lives including screens and electronics.

Hopefully this is just the ticket to get your kids to wind down and be in the moment. You could even make it competition like whomever finds all the items first wins.  

What other road trip games do you like to play?

Download the Road Trip I Spy PDF here.

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