Welcome, Lindsey here.

I used to have a little blog called the Umbrella Drink. I unexpectedly enjoyed this creative outlet. One of my recipes was even featured on Lauren Conrad’s blog! It was all very exciting. Life happened. I didn’t renew my domain name, and stopped blogging. Last time I checked umbrelladrink.com was being sold for $12,000. Awesome.

I’m happy to report that I am going to give blogging another go. I plan to write about getting outside with my kids, momming, and anything else I feel like! I don’t proclaim to be an expert in anything, but I do hope to provide my authentic take on life and spread positivity.

I moved around a lot growing up, but I generally tell people that I am from South Florida. My husband and I met at the University of Florida and moved out to Colorado in 2005. We stayed for the mountains, summers and great breweries. Now we have two little boys that we’d like to show the world, starting in Colorado.