Free Printable: Road Trip I Spy

I spy with my little eye, something….

Road Trip I Spy
Download the Road Trip I Spy PDF below.

Ah, the road trip with small children. This is an adventure all in itself. From experience, I have to come equipped with games and snacks. Gummy worms tend to be our favorite road trip snack. And my kids’ favorite road trip game is I Spy. But the one where they spy a color and you have to guess what it is. Like, “I spy with my little eye, something…red.” Then the answer is something like, “a stop sign.”

I don’t know about you, but I can play along with this game for about 15 minutes on a road trip. Then, I’m ready to just listen to music or sit in a rare (if not nonexistent) quiet. Or if I’m not driving, maybe even take a nap!

A New Road Trip I Spy

This Road Trip I Spy helps your kids look for things and be thoroughly entertained on their own. They feel so accomplished once they have found the cow, or dog, or whatever it is they are looking for. Some of the items are difficult enough that it may take the whole trip to find-like the Alaska and Hawaii license plates.  

We have a few road trips coming up to far away campsites, where I know this will come in handy. The Road Trip I Spy game is also a nice break from screen time. Sure they could watch a movie on the way to camping, but that seems a little counter-intuitive since we are going camping to get away from our daily lives including screens and electronics.

Hopefully this is just the ticket to get your kids to wind down and be in the moment. You could even make it competition like whomever finds all the items first wins.  

What other road trip games do you like to play?

Download the Road Trip I Spy PDF here.

Guide to Making Kindness Rocks

Guide to Kindness Rocks

I first learned about the Kindness Rock Project through a friend that brought idea this to my town. I love everything about kindness rocks, because they encourage positivity, creativity, and connection through painting rocks. And it’s a fun way to talk to your kids about random acts of kindness.

So what is it? First you collect rocks, paint them, write an uplifting message, and then leave them in public places to brighten someone’s day. How fun!


Materials for Kindness Rocks

Of course there are different ways to go about this, but I will walk you through the steps we used to create our kindness rocks. First, gather the materials. All the purchased materials can be found at Michael’s or Walmart. Here’s a list of everything you will need:

  • Acrylic pant
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer
  • Paint pens
  • Rocks
  • Painting surface (i.e. newspaper)

To collect the rocks we went on a Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt. Larger rocks with flat surfaces work the best.

rock collecting for kindness rocks
Rock collecting.

Before painting, don’t forget to change your clothes and lay down newspaper or other type of painting surface.


Painting kindness rocks

Now paint a first coat on your rocks. Depending on the type of paint you choose, these may need a second layer of paint. This the hard part…wait for the paint to dry.

After the paint has dried, I sprayed them with the Mod Podge sealer. I like to do this before using the paint pens, because it creates a smoother surface. However, this does require more waiting for the sealer to dry.

messy hands kindness rocks
Messy hands!


Once the sealer is dry, you are ready to decorate your rocks! I asked my kids to come up with things that will put a smile on someone’s face. They came up with:

  • You are awesome
  • Smile
  • I hope you feel better (this one was for a friend that had his tonsils out).
  • You matter
  • Follow your heart
  • Dream big
  • Love your heart
  • Have fun
  • Go Gators (we had to throw this one in).
  • Have a great day
  • A drawing of a stegosaurus
  • Be kind

Rock Placement

placing the kindness rocks
Placing the rocks at the park.

The final step is to place the rocks in a public place. The boys and I had fun placing these rocks at our neighborhood park.

I’d love to hear about your experience with kindness rocks!

Free Printable: Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt

Grab this Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt!

With summer around the corner, we will be spending more time outside. I know my family is excited!

I’ve created this Nature Scavenger Hunt for you to download for free. I’ll be putting out more activities like this soon! Check back for more.

Download the Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt here.

I also like this one from Take them Outside! So much to check out.