Candy Bar S’mores

S’mores are a camping staple. I know, #basic. But for real.

Candy bar s'more
State Forest State Park s’more eating

We often camp with another family with a little older kids and more camping with kids experience. We look to them for camping tips and suggestions.

Perhaps the best suggestion to date was the candy bar s’more.

You cook your marshmallow to your desired perfection. Personally, I like to roast mine evenly all the way around then light it on fire. It gives it a crunchy-burnt exterior with a gooey center.

Put the marshmallow on your graham cracker, and replace the Hersey bar with any chocolate candy of your choice. A Reese’s Cup, Kit-Kat, Snickers. Whatever floats your boat. My personal favorite is a Reese’s Cup. Another great idea is this s’more’s dip. You could even try it with a candy bar instead of regular chocolate.

You’re welcome.


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