Camping Hacks for Camping with Toddlers

camping hacks for camping with toddlers
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When most people find out we go camping with toddlers, the response is, “Are you crazy?” Maybe, but we do have some camping hacks to make our trips easier, survivable and even fun! I’ll get right to it.

Solar Shower for Hand Washing

Toddlers are messy. And camping is messy. My kids are often digging for worms or who knows what. Get a solar shower, hang it on a tree, add a little hand soap, and now you have a hand washing station.

Pull-ups at Night

You have made it camping with your toddlers. And they are even potty trained. Hooray! But then they have an accident in their sleeping bag. What are you going to do?


You have your kids wear pull-ups at night to prevent the above scenario. I’m not sure when I will stop having my kids do this camping, but I haven’t made it there yet.

Outdoor Rug to Wipe Feet

Did I mention that toddlers are messy? By placing a rug outside your tent or camper, you can eliminate tons of dirt and mud from getting inside. Better yet, just leave all shoes on the rug. I also think it makes your site look a little homier, like a home away from home. Here is one of my favorites:

Portable Clothes Storage

We hang a fabric shoe rack in our camper to keep the kids’ clothes organized and readily accessible. In the past, when I would pack, I would be digging through everything just to find that sock, or shoe or that that thing one of the kids needs right this second. This really helps keep everything easy to find, and if the kids are old enough, they can even get it for themselves!

Dollar Store Games and Books Just for Camping

We have learned the hard way that bringing your kids everyday toys, turn into ruined toys. Now we have specific camping toys from the dollar store. It doesn’t matter as much if they get torn apart or demolished during the trip. Most dollar stores have a pretty good selection of books, toys, games, puzzles, coloring books and even stuffed animals. Let me know what you find!

First Aid Kit

Bringing a first aid kit is a good idea whether you are camping with toddlers or not. But toddlers tend to scrap their knees and get random fevers out of no where. We are also an EpiPen carrying family so there are a few items we have to have on hand at all times. Bring a few kid band-aids for the scrapped knees too.

Laundry Basket

Bringing a portable laundry basket with you is just another way to stay a little more organized, and keep all the smelly clothes separate from any clean clothes. I might even suggest a separate laundry basket for your kids’ clothes if they are prone to accidents.

Simple Meals

One of my best camping hacks for camping with toddlers is to bring simple meals. Don’t over think it! Think peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers, and s’mores. Heck, when we set up in the evenings, we have even brought a pizza with us. And it is usually better the next day warmed up on the fire.

Your kids won’t notice if you make a Martha Stewart inspired meal. But they will notice if you are cranky, because your dinner is taking too long or too complicated with your limited camping supplies. Keep it easy.

Please send over any camping hacks for camping with toddlers. We could all use all the tips we can get!

Happy camping!

Download the PDF of the Camping Hacks for Camping with Toddlers graphic here.

Camping hacks for camping with toddlers

REI Co-op Kindercone 25 Kids’ Sleeping Bag Review

*This is not an ad! I just genuinely believe in this product.

Kindercone Sleeping Bag Review

Welcome the Kindercone sleeping bag review! Both my kids have the REI Co-op Kindercone 25 Kids’ Sleeping Bag. I believe this is the best deal on the market for a low temperature sleeping bag, currently running $59.95. Plus if you are part of the REI co-op like I am, you can use your dividend towards your purchase.

Kindercone Sleeping Bag Review: Warmth

Since we are often camping in the mountains in Colorado, it can get pretty cold at night. Our pop-up camper and buddy heater do a good job at keeping the temperature up during the night, but this sleeping bag ensures my kids get a comfortable night’s sleep while we are camping. The 25°F rating means that your kids will stay warm in temperatures as low as 25°F.

The bag is made with synthetic materials to shield against the cold and dampness should that apply. Also, the synthetic polyester fibers make it easy to wash and more difficult to absorb moisture if your child has an accident (although I always recommend putting a pull-up on your young kids while camping, even if they are potty trained). Additionally, its mummy design wraps around your kids for extra comfort and warmth.

The storage bag is attached to the sleeping bag and can be used to shorten the bag. You stuff the excess material into the bag and cinch it with the drawstring. Shortening the bag to fit your children’s height will keep them extra warm. This bag fits kids up to 5’5”. Heck, I could get away with using it at 5’1”.

Kindercone Sleeping Bag Review: Design

Last but not least, besides the degree rating, my favorite feature is the cute camping design. REI comes out with new designs every year for boys, girls or gender neutral options. I love them all!

If you are in need of a new sleeping bag this season for yourself (if you are short like me) or for your kids, I highly recommend the Kindercone. It certainly has provided my kids with many good nights’ sleep, and has given me piece of mind that they are warm and cozy.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Adventure Dad

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Where there are outdoorsy mommies, there are likely adventure dads. Welcome to the 2018, father’s day gift guide for all the outdoorsy dads out there. There isn’t one type of outdoorsy dad. Their hobbies can range from grilling in the backyard to a full on fishing obsession. This gift guide highlights all types of dads and their type of adventure. On Father’s Day, our goal is make the dads in our lives feel special and show them we care. I hope this gift guide helps you narrow in on the type of dad you are shopping for.

Mountain or Road Biking Adventure Dad

Biking Dad Gift
Photo: KustomCaps Laser Etched Custom Headset Caps

If your guy is really into biking, then he might be into personalizing his bike with these laser etched headset caps from KustomCaps . These headset caps, brings his bike to life. From the quirky to tough, choose from one of their pre-made styles or if you are more creative, make your own design. Prices range from $8.99 to $37.99.

Fishing Adventure Dad

Style meets functionality with these Ray-Ban Men’s New Wayfarer Polarized Square Sunglasses, Tortoise, 58 mm. The polarized lenses help him spot the fish in the water before they bite. Priced at $143 on Amazon.

Boating Adventure Dad

The Garmin Quatix 3 GPS Watch is the Garmin watch for the water. Features include tide data, weather updates, fish catch log and a navigator. As you’d expect, it’s water-proof up to 100 meters. This splurge runs at $399.

Grilling Adventure Dad

Sometimes the adventure is in your backyard while making a beer can chicken. This Tenergy Grilling Thermometer is blue tooth enabled and is compatible with a BBQ grill and a smoker. Now he can get back to doing other dad things or entertaining guests at a BBQ while making dinner.

Camping Adventure Dad

Let your camping dad know you think he deserves the best. The YETI Hopper Flip 8 Portable Cooler, Field Tan is top of the line. This portable cooler will hold his beers or lunch for any daytime camping activities.

Hiking Adventure Dad

 Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles  are light weight and collapsible. Hiking will be more enjoyable, and he will be able to summit more difficult terrain.

Running Adventure Dad

Every dad could really use this Outdoor Research Men’s Echo Tee. This shirt has polygiene fabric that is patented to provide odor control. How cool is that?

Scuba Diving Adventure Dad

Awesome-Maps Dive Map illustrates diving spots throughout the world. The diver in your life can plan his next trip or remember the awesome dives he’s accomplished. It’s a nice keepsake and decoration for the adventure dad’s home.

Traveling Adventure Dad

The Lumina Ultra Compact Portable Charger ensures the traveling adventure dad can keep his gadgets charged at all times. Whether he’s on an airplane or on a trail, he can keep his phone charged for staying connected and taking family selfies.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that keep the adventure in our lives.